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a recipe y’all–but don’t get used to this…

I’m about to share a recipe. This WILL NOT happen often. but, by some random miracle, I stumbled upon a meal that was–in all categories–a success. quick easy delicious HEALTHY! (I feel so silly sharing this recipe because it’s not … Continue reading

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round one…

I made a deal with myself that I would read my kids one chapter book a month. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but my kids are still pretty young.  And while they LOVE reading picture books, long “wordy” books … Continue reading

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Fighting the winter blues…

Winter weather starts out fun-but quickly becomes a hassle. Feels like it’s just one more obstacle in our day. This winter I’ve resorted to setting a timer for 20 minutes and FORCING my kids to stay outside until it goes … Continue reading

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a learning experience…

I would like to start this by saying simply that I ADORE my little cyclone-man, and seeing him hurt makes me physically ill: For Christmas my husband bought our son his first pocket knife, and they have been practicing with it … Continue reading

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the blessing in the curse

Last night I sat on the couch with my husband as we listened to the sound of our children laughing in their room.  It was well past their bed-time, and we didn’t care. We realized that if we lived anywhere … Continue reading

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cherishing whilst cleaning, a true juggling act…

I keep reading articles urging me to not let cleaning or housework get in the way of being a good parent.  Which is good advice. HOWEVER, I do not wish to live in a pigsty, nor does my family.  So, … Continue reading

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enjoying my spot:

I highly recommend waking up early.  I have experienced so many benefits from beginning the habit this month. There’s is something so beautiful about early morning silence: The creak of my old wood floors, The stillness And then there’s my spot: We … Continue reading

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