boys doing cute things…

I have an adorable son.

Don’t believe me, check out this:


He is growing up SO fast.

Sometimes I truly morn the little boy that he was.

And then sometimes he does things like this:


“MOM, MOM!!  Look at me hanging out with Hi-ya”

(Hi-ya, is what he named our beta-fish)

And I remember that he is just as wonderful now as he ever was.

He amazes me how excited he can get about the smallest, simplest things.


Be still my heart, I’m so in love with this boy.

I have more then a few things to learn from this handsome devil, but pure-joy is probably top of the list.

I do have moments where I worry that I will miss all of his charmingly adorable little-boy-quirks. . .

but then I remember that grown-men can be pretty darn cute too:

IMGP0430Awe, look at him holding that pretty-pink pillow.

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