jealous of my daughter…

I don’t know if it is only me, but I basically live in my kitchen.

If I’m not cooking in it, I’m cleaning it.  If I’m not putting food away, then I’m putting dishes away.  You feel me.

(This morning I made two breakfasts, 1st breakfast was yogurt and fruit around 7 a.m.–2nd breakfast was oatmeal pancakes and milk at around 9. Typical… I exist exclusively in my kitchen)

So, here is my issue:

My darling girl got an adorable toy mixer as a gift from her Nana and Papa.


It is super cute, the perfect color, and


We recently moved and so we are currently renting while we wait for our old house to sell.  The house we are renting is perfectly nice, but I REALLY don’t enjoy the kitchen.

I mean, REALLY!

It is wall to wall wood paneling, and dark-dark-dark.  BLECH!!

My daughters kitchen, however, is sunny and bright and simply wonderful.

(A friend gave me this little wooden kitchen after her children out grew it.  I repainted it and covered the back in wrapping paper and now I ENVY it.)

I would much rather cook 1st and 2nd breakfast in her kitchen, if only it had a functional stove.

My lucky-duck-daughter has better play things then my real life.


I might have some jealousy issues.

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