book club for kids:

Today I stopped by a local coffee shop.

While I was placing my order I overheard a woman’s voice reciting words that I immediately recognized.  I excitedly spun around and spotted a mother and her son, reading a book together.  It was a book that my kids had recently received as a present for Christmas, and it’s one that we LOVE!

This woman and I both started raving about this story–surprised that the other had read it too–and saying how hard it can be to find truly good books.

So, in case any of you are looking for some good ones, here are a few suggestions from me.


The first book–the one that the mother in the coffee shop was reading, (and my current favorite) is Mr, Tiger Goes Wild, by Peter Brown.

It is SUCH a good story, the pictures are great, and it isn’t too long.

(Come on parents, you know what I mean right?)


It’s the story of a tiger who lives in the city and one day chooses to run away and go WILD!


Mr. Tiger, although he loves the wilderness, decides that he misses his friends too much to stay away.

So, he finds a balance between being WILD, and being proper.

It is the PERFECT story for us right now because my son is SUPER wild.

(I am constantly having to remind him to not actually hurt me when we wrestle).

This book has helped me explain this balancing act that is life:  constantly walking the line between wild and proper, freedom and good manners.

We were discussing this and my son said, “Oh, like we don’t shout in the library, but we do outside.”

EXACTLY!! (Finally a break through.  Thank you, Mr. Tiger.)

Some other books we’ve been enjoying are:


The Curious Garden is also written by Peter Brown.  It is along the same lines in theme, except this one is about a garden in the middle of a city–again, wilderness and civility, trying to find a balance.

Balance.  Something we all struggle with as adults.  How funny to realize that we’ve been working on it since we were kids.

It’s never to early to learn.

The third book is:


Dream Animals, by Emily Winfield Martin, is a “just-for-fun” story.  I like reading it to my kids right before bed because it is chock-full of beautiful imagery to kickstart their dreams.

Is is also written in rhyme, and I’ve noticed that the rhythm of poetry helps to settle my kids down at the end of the day.  Like a calming metronome.

Finally, here are a few “Big-Kid” books that we are working on:


Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.  (Who doesn’t love that story?)

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl (one that both my husband and I remember from our childhoods)

and Grimm’s Complete Fairytales, a little bit hard for my children to digest right now, but we are hacking away at it anyhow.

So, those are the books that we are enjoying these days.  I would love to hear some of your suggestions.

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