my truly embarrassing short-coming…

My father is an AMAZING carpenter.

He built most of the buildings on my hometown’s main street.

He built my the home I grew up in.

He is who I would want to build my dream home.

He is the best.

With an amazing handyman like that as a father, why oh why can’t I ever hang things.


These three photos are from our bathroom.  That’s right, three failed hooks in only one room.

I now have to hang my towel on the door hinge.

IMGP0484Oy Vey.

And it’s not contained in only one room either.

Here is the living room:


And here is my daughter’s closet:


I’m sorry daddy, I have failed you.

My “bad at hanging things” skills have also caused other problems:

(this is mostly my fault)

which has lead to this:


Now our little family has no roof over their heads.

Oh the humanity. . . think of the children.


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