meal planning:

I am not a great food planner.  I usually only buy a couple of meals worth of groceries at a time.

My problem is two fold.

One, when I buy for the entire week, things usually come up that disrupt dinner time, and some food ends up going back.

Two, I HATE clutter, so something about having a lot of stuff (even if it’s food) makes me feel disorganized and claustrophobic.

My husband does not suffer from these issues.

He buys food on a whim, or sometimes buys food we already have.  (He is often the ‘disruption’ to my weekly dinner plan that I mentioned above)

The good news, (slash GREAT news), is that he is a very good cook and I truly enjoy it every time he takes it upon himself to prepare our meal.

This past Sunday, I was having a rough morning, (like my daughter peed on the floor, pulled all of my shoes out of my closet, my home was a MESS, and then I had to take care of 13 screaming toddlers at church–kind of rough mornings).

BUT, when I came home I discovered that my husband had left church early to clean up the house and make us lunch.

(He is truly the best.)

Not only did he make us lunch, (and dinner), but he made a bunch of extra burritos to put in our freezer and eat throughout the month.

He does this periodically and it is GENIUS! (Side note, I ALWAYS misspell genius, always.  I want to write it ‘geneous’. How ironic)

One messy day in the kitchen makes weeks worth of easy, convenient, healthy meals.

We do it assembly line style with him preparing…and drinking beer:

and me wrapping and labeling.  (And eating dried frosting off a dirty cake stand).

True marital bonding at work.

I am so grateful to be married to a man that would notice that I needed a little help, and sacrifice one of his days off to cook and clean.

I mean how lucky am I?

(I should also point out that he did all this during the 49er game, which is his favorite NFL team.  Seriously, who does that?)

So often I can get into a negative mindset.

I can focus on all the things I  wish I was doing better (like meal planning), or all the things around me that aren’t perfect (like a messy house, or a cluttered kitchen).

I can start to feel overwhelmed and unappreciated.

But right now, in my house, I have a clean home and a stack of burritos that would beg to differ.

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