Resolution round up: Who do you plan to be?

Today I had to reassess my new years resolutions.

My 2014 resolution was basically one big category–with about a million bullet points underneath it.

My resolution was this:

Wake-up before 6 a.m. everyday.

Simple enough,

and the bullet points flow from that:

-Work out first thing

-Shower right away

-Take extra good care of my skin, (now that I’m an official adult and all.)

-Do my devotional

All before my family gets up.  I’ve heard this called “Manage your morning” and others explain it as “waking up for your family instead of to them”

And it has been going well so far.

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my day when I’ve already done my workout and showered before 7 a.m.  (If I haven’t gotten dressed before 9 I’m truly worthless.)

I also enjoy the difference it is having on my children.  By the time they get up I’m usually having tea and finishing up my devotional–which means their first impression of me is a bright-eyed and relaxed mom, (as opposed to the groggy and moaning version they’d gotten used to)

But it is 20 days into the new year and today I needed to remind myself of some of the reasons for my resolve and reinvigorate my plan.

Because today I didn’t wake-up early, (I have a sore throat–my life is really hard) which means I didn’t workout until 9:30.  This meant my kids wanted to workout with me, which lead to me yelling at them–which always makes me feel like a stellar human being.

So I was feeling low.

Also, I’m growing out a SUPER short pixie cut:

Consequently, my hair currently looks AWFUL!! and it is having an effect on my mojo.

It’s so easy to get me off track.

Therefore, I wrote out a list to remind myself of all the positives I’ve been experiencing by getting up early:

Better/more productive days,

Healthier skin,

Happier mornings–making for happier kids–making for a happier life,

More consistent workouts because I’m not fighting any distractions,


But, my  biggest motivator is:

“Who do you want to be?”

And basically, my answer is, I want to be this woman:


SO gorgeous.

I want to be fit:

Which means choosing to exercise and eat healthy, right now.  I’m not just going to wake-up in my 70s as a healthy woman if I don’t choose to be one right now. (Same goes for my skin and hair, gotta choose to care for those now if I want them to be healthy later).

I want to be happy:

Again, I have to actively pursue the things that make me happy now in order to be a happy woman later.

Things like cherishing my kids instead of fighting with them–learning to manage my time so that I can focus on them–instead of my endless amount of chores.

I want to be wise:

Which means I need to actively pursue knowledge and spiritual truths today.

There’s an old proverb that says all people have two dogs fighting inside of them–one evil and one good–and the dog that wins is the dog you feed the most.  I am well aware of my evil dog (or as my family calls it, my monster), and I desperately want my good monster to be stronger.

This means meditating on the life and teachings of Jesus everyday–never forgetting the good news.


I have a few different women who I consider mentors, and the one thing that seems to be true with all of them is that they make these good choices–over and over–everyday.  Plus, they have been making these choices since they were young and have dedicated their lives to them.

I want to be one of these women.

I want to be the woman that inspires young women, like me, to never give-up.

The woman that focuses on the beautiful parts of life instead of the depressing,

The happy instead of the sad,

The things that make life worth living instead of the things that make you want to throw in the towel.

I want to be this woman–so I have to choose to practice these values today, and everyday–and hopefully, someday, they will become second nature.

For me, I think this means waking up early enough to “manage my morning” for other’s this might look different.

(For instance, my sister should NOT wake up early.  No one wants to be around THAT monster before the sun comes up.)

What are your resolutions?  How are you taking steps today to become the person you want to be later?

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