etsy favorites!!

This Christmas I bought almost exclusively from

I love the combination of being able to purchase without leaving my house, plus supporting a small business.

Here are a few of my favorite purchases:

First, and definitely my favorite, are these prints I bought from: Theater Clouds

I can’t even explain to you how gorgeous these are–my photos DO NOT do them justice, (partly because I’m too lazy to take them out of the frames).  And truly, all of Elly Mackay’s pieces are amazing, it was so hard to choose only three–I also got a print for my sister-in-law.

Each one is whimsical, and sweet and romantic!

She makes paper theaters, shines a light behind them, and then takes a photograph.

The final product is actually a photo, but it is a truly unique and inspired mixed media product.

Go check out her stuff, you won’t be disappointed.  (I think she also has a book which I will definitely be purchasing)

Another fun purchase was hats for both of my kids.

I have crocheted off and on in the past, but I’ve never gotten very good and I wanted to get them something that would be fun and actually last.

I got my girl’s hat from: That Girl Knitz

This hat is great because it is a full hood, (with adorable fox ears) but can also be worn as a scarf.  Little-love really likes that it isn’t tight, she doesn’t enjoy an itchy scalp, (who does, right?)

These hoods come in a variety of colors and animal styles.  I choose blue because my girl has some eyes on her! And I asked “That Girl Knitz” to add a bow which she did without charging me anything extra.  That’s always nice.

My boy’s is from: Miss Pamela

My crazy-son really loves the Ninja Turtles, and the color red, so this hat was an easy choice.

This one is also great in the cold because it blocks a lot of his face, but he can flip the mask up if he wants, which he rarely does, but it’s nice to have the option.

I also bought my daughter a necklace from a local artist last Christmas.  (Truthfully we share the necklace) Her store is called: Forme Designs

This necklace goes with almost anything–I love the color and the texture of it.

Little-love wears it almost every Sunday to church.

(Plus, I believe you can buy earrings from her store to match.  Everything is very well made and ships quickly.)

I know this artist personally, and it is so neat to see a young mother of two have a separate hobby that she excels at, and you can support.


I’m adding this picture of our “peg-family” that I got from: Once Upon A Peg, because I am “wearing” my necklace from “Forme Design”.  I sent “Once Upon A Peg” a photo of us so she could design our pegs and she painted me in my daughters necklace, I told you we shared.

I love this little peg family.  My baby-brother built me a doll house, (that is currently broken, see here) so we leave this toy out in our living room full time, without taking up any floor space.

(In case you noticed, the Peg-Daddy was accidentally washed with the laundry, so some of his paint has come off)


One more store is: Lynx Collection

For his birthday we bought my son these prints:

Again, these are the Ninja Turtles.  He asked for a poster, but I didn’t care for most of them.  But, once again, Etsy came to the rescue.  I found these prints and my son loves them, and I don’t hate them, everybody wins.

So, there are a few ideas if your in a shopping bind.  I really recommend browsing around Etsy if you haven’t yet.  It’s amazing what you can find.


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