enjoying my spot:

I highly recommend waking up early.  I have experienced so many benefits from beginning the habit this month.

There’s is something so beautiful about early morning silence:

The creak of my old wood floors,

The stillness

And then there’s my spot:

We bought this couch a month or so before we got married.  It’s been with us since the beginning.

And the small corner of this couch has been one of the few consistencies that I’ve had in the past 8 years:

It was there during that hard first year of marriage,

It held me as I wept after my mom died,

It was my sick bed for 18 months of pregnancy,

It’s were I read Harry Potter for the first time, (and the second time, but who’s counting)

It’s my spot.

We’ve moved it at least 5 times in these 8 years.  But it has always been “my spot.”

Where I start my mornings and where I finish my nights.

And waking up early has given me a whole new way to enjoy my spot.

Because, when I’m up early I get to enjoy this comfy couch in peace, with my breakfast and a good book.

Plus, it gives me a perfect line of sight to this door:

Where I can listen to the soft breathing of my two favorite heartbeats as they slowly wake up.

And then it’s time for my favorite “my spot” activity:

Early morning snuggles with my babies.


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One Response to enjoying my spot:

  1. Betsy Boyles says:

    When Colton and I got back from our honeymoon in Spain, because of the time change I’d wake up every morning as the sun was coming up. I LOVED it. I decided that it would become a habit of mine. That habit lasted about 2 weeks. How do you do it? Maybe once my love is sleeping through the night it won’t be so hard to throw the covers off and get up before the sun… maybe 😉

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