cherishing whilst cleaning, a true juggling act…

I keep reading articles urging me to not let cleaning or housework get in the way of being a good parent.  Which is good advice.


I do not wish to live in a pigsty, nor does my family.  So, although chucking it all to play house with my kids sounds nice, keeping house is still mandatory.

Tonight, completely by accident, I was able to balance the two–and it was MAGICAL!

My son and husband are in the habit of going to our local rock climbing gym two nights a week–these are also the nights that my kids have swimming lessons–which usually makes for an extra messy home by nightfall.

So, after having a quick supper together, the boys took off and I set to work cleaning up the kitchen.

In my mind I thought, “I’ll just clean up really quick, then I’ll visit with Little-love.”

But, to my VERY pleasant surprise, my darling girl set to work in her own little kitchen, preparing us chocolate cake and periodically bringing me tea.

Not only did I feel exceedingly less guilty about taking the time to straighten up, (I say less guilty, because I don’t believe that I ever  feel truly guilt free as a parent.) But it also made the very act of cleaning an enjoyable one.


She is growing up so fast.

After “cooking” in her kitchen for a while she took herself potty and came back in her jammies.  Getting dressed all by herself–

She only needed help with her top button.

It was dinner and a show–after making me tea and cakes she sang me a song and danced me a jig.

It breaks my heart how quickly she is discovering her independence, but it is inspiring at the same time.

These moments of calm-balance are so few and far between.  Although I often pray for more peacefully easy times–I hope I never get too used to them.

I would hate to let one pass me by without my sincerest respect.

Pretty soon she won’t even need my help with that pesky top button.

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