the blessing in the curse

Last night I sat on the couch with my husband as we listened to the sound of our children laughing in their room.  It was well past their bed-time, and we didn’t care.

We realized that if we lived anywhere else moments like the one we were overhearing might never have happened.

In a bigger house our kids probably wouldn’t share a room–much less a bed–and they would miss out on this chance to really bond with each other.

I can’t wait to move, to get to design a space around us that better reflects our family.  I often curse this small house as I stumble over furniture, or have to go to the basement for my kids clothes because there isn’t enough closet space.

But, last night I realized how grateful I am for this tiny house and the closeness that it is forcing on us.

And it’s not just bed time, the mornings are just as sweet and cuddly.

Because my babies share a bed they often wake-up together.

Cy always wakes up first:

wide-eyed and ready to watch the sunrise.  This boy holds my heart and I cherish our early morning moments together,

but his sister is never far behind:

it takes her a little longer to really brighten-up.  Poor love is practically smothered by her big brother, but she handles it well.

and it doesn’t take her long, soon enough she’s charming us all with stories of last nights dreams and her plans for the day:

I suppose I don’t know for certain that these moments wouldn’t have happened in a different house, but I am positive that I’m grateful for them now.

My kids are laying the foundation for a friendship that will last them their entire lives.

And this phase will be over so soon.

Soon enough they will have busier schedules and won’t be able to stay up playing, or wake up slowly under their blankets.

Soon enough they will need their privacy, they will need some space to call their own.

soon they will dread mornings,

soon they will grow.


But for now, we will cherish their late night giggles, their early morning snuggles, their intertwined lives.

And today when I count my blessing, a house that is “too small” will top that list.

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3 Responses to the blessing in the curse

  1. Betsy Boyles says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. I look forward to reading your posts Trina. You are able to really capture the feeling in these moments, enough to where I sometimes feel that I am there too. Love you so much.

    • trinakhobbs says:

      Thank you, that’s the ultimate complement. As for waking up early, I’m sorta a morning person–but it’s still hard. I think it’s like yoga, I put it off, but every time I actually do it I feel great–and wonder why I don’t do it more often.

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