round one…

I made a deal with myself that I would read my kids one chapter book a month.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but my kids are still pretty young.  And while they LOVE reading picture books, long “wordy” books are hard for them to sit through right now.

I chose James and the Giant Peach, for two reasons: I remember reading it as a kid, and I already owned it.

I’m a rather lazy-git.

Hind sight I might not have picked this book so early.  Some of the language is a bit intense, but I just chose to skip over those parts (readers discretion).

Well, a couple of days ago (yeah-hooray), we finished our first chapter book.

(And I’m definitely more excited about this then my kids.)

So, in celebration we decided to watch the movie version together.

Look at that concentration, where was that when I was trying to read?

At least it’s calm and quiet.

Maybe they are still a little too young to really love books more then movies, but I’m confident they will get there.

(Already my son is pointing out all the differences between the two.)

But, just when I start to worry that putting a movie on wasn’t a good idea–it begins to snow:

The beautiful fluffy kind of flakes that make you feel wistful and warm.

My favorite kind.

So maybe the movie is beating the book right now…

but it’s definitely loosing the battle with the snow.

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