Learning to loose, but never stop. Thank you Peyton Manning…

I am a die hard Bronco fan.

And today, of all days, I can say that in all honesty.

Last night was Super Bowl 48, and I entered the celebration with all the confidence in the world.

I insisted that we watch the game with my dad, (the man who taught me to be a Bronco fan), so we drove an hour and a half to my home town.

We wore our orange and blue, we made our famous dip, we showed up with bells on.


This was the only photograph I took at the game.

Just look at that innocence, no idea that our hopes were about to be throughly crushed.

I didn’t take it well.

I get TENSE watching sporting events.  ESPECIALLY Broncos football.  And while I didn’t yell at anybody, or take my frustrations out in a negative way, I did let it effect my night…

I was watching my favorite sports team, in the biggest game of the year, with my dad–that should’ve been enough.

I hadn’t realized how bummed I was acting until I saw my son.

Who was BAWLING!


I did all the typical parenting things:

  • I hugged my son
  • Told him that it was “just a game”
  • Reminded him how truly GREAT the season had been
  • and how much fun it was to be at Grandpa’s house

And, all the while, I was telling myself.

The real beauty of this Broncos season is the demonstration of perseverance in it’s purest form.

After this CRUSHING loss, Peyton Manning spoke about the coming off-season, and next years games, and what they needed to work on, and how they would use this loss to fuel them to work even harder.

Right back on the horse,

Pun intended.


This loss is a lesson for my kids,

and for me.

Very rarely does success come easy.

Success most often comes with hard work, determination, and loss…

crushing loss,

bawl your eyes out, ruin your face paint, throw yourself on the carpet and scream– loss.

But it’s not failure until you stop trying.

This morning, after breakfast, I was still sore from last nights butt-kicking.

But my kids were ready for a new challenge.

My son set to work attempting to convince his sister to jump off her stool.

He was coaching and coercing, and my daughter was resisting with all her might.

It was quickly turning into a fight.

And just when I was about to put a stop to all of his efforts,

She jumped.

And the celebration followed.

Sometimes success takes a lot of work, sometimes success disguises itself as failure, sometimes success is just a small step in a long road.

(Lets not forget that both Peyton Manning and the Broncos have won the Super Bowl before)

Sometimes the thing we want fights us, resists, or disappears in one rotten game.

So often in parenting we experience “failures”:

A child who refuses to potty train, won’t stop throwing her toys, won’t sleep through the night, the list goes on.

But we keep coaching, keep working, keep trying…

and eventually it pays off,

eventually–she jumps!

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