Sweet tears…

I’m not a very good photographer… but I’m working on it.

I’ve been very spoiled by having an AMAZING photographer in my family: my sister-in-law, Katie Rice.

Unfortunately, we don’t live as close to her anymore.  Plus, there are a million little moments everyday that I want to capture on film.

Case in point, the other morning my daughter got a tiny bump and her eyes filled with tears.

Oh, her beautiful blue eyes, her sweet little sad-face.  I just adore her.

For a while, babies don’t actually produce tears when they cry.  And boy, do I remember how my heart broke the first time tears spilled down my little ones cheeks.

Both a beautiful and an awful moment.

Even today, my daughter usually just whimpers when she’s hurt.  There’s rarely actual tears.

But this particular morning they showed up.  And, after the initial snuggle and boo-boo kiss, I just had to attempt to capture the beauty of this little girl.

Such a ham, Little-Love quickly turned the fragile-tearfilled moment into a game.

I’ll leave you with these sweet Little-Love kisses to start your day.  And a promise to work on my photography.

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