world domination…

My baby is sick.

A week or so ago, I was sick, (which caused my skin to break-out, but that’s beside the point.)

Then my son got a little sick, and now my girl is sick.

Plus, it’s super cold outside, so we are just festering.

Stewing in our sicknesses.

Yesterday I used it as an excuse to not workout…or shower…or really do anything.

Part of me enjoys these little moments to just be still.  But, we’ve been still now for quite some time.

I’m ready to move.  Ready to conquer the world.

Alas, my tiny-little baby Love is not.

And right now–when I would usually be halfway through my early morning workout–I am instead cuddled up with my coughing, feverish little girl.

World domination can wait…

I can handle being still for one more day.

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