my magic singing…

Last night I sang my son to sleep…

And my heart exploded.

Cyclone was upset because his eyes hurt, we had just gotten home from swimming lessons so Dr. Mom diagnosed him with chlorine-eye.

Now, I had already washed his eyes out with saline, I had hugged and kissed him, I’d given his sister medicine, I’d run to the store to get meds for the now sick husband, I had everyone finally in bed, I had the groceries put away, I was ready to sit in my spot and wanted to watch my movie.

I even had netflix prepped and ready to go.

(have you noticed all the “I’s”? Maybe I was feeling a little selfish)

But he was still crying, and he asked for a book.

“You know what, you just need to sleep, you just need to close your eyes and they will heal.”

I curled up next to him and sang him a little lullaby.  When I was done he looked up at me and said, “You know what mom, I think your singing is magic, it’s making my eye feel better, will you do it again.”

And I did.

I sang old James Taylor, and Colin Hay, and songs from movies, and Lullabies from my own childhood.  I sang and sang, mostly in whispers and not very well, but I ignored my comfy spot and my waiting movie, and I sang to my boy.

I sang until he feel asleep, and then I sang some more.

When I finally pried myself away I went straight to my husband and fell apart.  Crying happy tears as I told him the story.

And this morning my son’s eyes are all better, he has mostly forgotten all about it.

But his mom never will.

My heart will never be the same.

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