monday’s to do list…

My children are WILD:

Trying to keep my house clean with these roughens in it, (their father included) is practically impossible.

They all clean up when I ask them to, but their style of cleaning doesn’t totally mesh with mine.

The husband does things like put clutter away in whatever storage is nearby–so all our movies are in the wrong cases…as are the records…as are the video games–you get the idea.

But, my children take this talent to a whole new level:

Monday is usually my housework catch-up day.

Check out my laundry pile:

This is a particularly bad catch-up day because we had a super full weekend, so I decided to dedicate today to one of EXTREME cleaning.

I began opening up seldom used drawers and moving things around and I was SHOCKED at all that I found.

Toys, and scraps, and little girl jewelry stored in the most random places.  (Like gloves in a step stool, seriously?)

Yes, that’s a shopping list and a dollar store necklace shoved into an old vase of my mother’s.  How long has that been there?

Good thing my kids are so adorable, or there’d be no living with them.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve found a lost toy?

I’d love to feel like I wasn’t alone in this!

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2 Responses to monday’s to do list…

  1. Betsy Boyles says:

    So far Colton found a toy in his backpack when he got to school. I found some magnets in my shoes the other day. He’s only 18 months though, so I’ll have cooler stories later on 😉

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