no more thumbs…

100% of my kids sucked their thumbs:

That’s right, 2 for 2.

I believe they where thumb sucking in the womb because they started from day one and they both had a preference: my son, only the left–my daughter, only the right.

Most of me has LOVED this.

The benefits of thumb sucking are numerous:

  • No dropped pacifiers problems.  The thumb never falls in the backseat of the car while you’re on a long drive.
  • Sleep schedules are SO much easier.  Both my kids sleep well, they fall asleep quickly, they can easily put themselves back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night.  (Our new babysitter told us that she’d never had such an easy time putting kids to bed before.  One MILLION points to the thumb suckers.)
  • Also, I believe they’ve developed self-confidence at a very young age, because they were self-soothing.  What I mean is: they never cried for long, they’d just suck their thumb.  They didn’t need a lot of entertainment, if they got bored–they had their thumb.  In the car–they had their thumb.  On a plane–thumb.  They got hurt–thumb.  They needed to think–THUMB.  (SO EASY!!!)

(My husband likes to point out that right now the thumb seems great, and easy, and cheep…but ask us again after our first orthodontist bill)

Because of all these benefits, we didn’t break my son of the habit until he was 4 (mostly because it was time for preschool).  At that point we knew he was only using his thumb out of habit, so stopping it was pretty easy.  We just wrapped his thumb up in a bandaid, and boom-baby.

No more thumb.

My daughter is almost 3, but her thumb issues are causing a lot more problems.

For one thing she doesn’t just suck her thumb. . .she drools.

This causes her skin to dry out and itch.  Also, she wipes her drool EVERYWHERE, which is just plain disgusting.

Another issue is that she rubs her eye while she has her thumb in her mouth.  This isn’t a big issue, but it does cause her to always have dirt on her eye, which just bothers me–vanity wise.

But the real issue is this:

Believe it or not, that is a picture of her biting down.  This thumb habit has actually caused her teeth to deform a little.  It might not end up being too difficult to fix–but it will need fixing–poor love.

Since discovering the problem with her teeth we have started the process of “taking the thumb away”.

Easier said then done.

The number one downside of thumb-sucking is that you can’t actually take it away.  And this girl has been on her thumb since birth.

It’s a big habit to break, and she’s still young, so she doesn’t really understand all the health reasons.

Last night was ROUGH!

We’ve gone through a NUMBER of different attempts to “take away the thumb”

Gloves, bandaids, wraps.  They work during the day, but she just keeps taking them off at bed time, (something that never occurred to her brother–clever girl)

So, my plan was to stay in her room until she fell asleep last night.  To insure she wouldn’t take her glove off.

Poor girl was struggling SO much.

She’s only 2 and is already having to learn a really high level of self-control.  Breaking a habit is hard for adults, and watching my angel struggle last night was heartbreaking.

She just hasn’t ever fallen asleep without her thumb, and here I was forcing her too.

I brought her out to the couch with the intention of holding her until she conked out.  But that wasn’t working.

She got in bed with me and my husband, which did work for her, but was too much for my man.

So, Adam moved to sleep with our son, (this was at 3 a.m.) and I proceeded to watch a bunch of old episodes of “New Girl”.

Eventually it was morning, and I found Adam asleep on the couch.  That’s four moves for him and three for me, it was a case of musical beds.



Little-Love made it through her first night without the comfort of her thumb.  Her parents are a little worse for the wear, but it does feel good to have night-one behind us.

I’ve always been a cold-turkey person.  I potty train that way, I diet that way, whatever it is I’m an all or nothing type of girl.  We might be in for a hard few days, but I’d rather just get it over with.  So, here we go…

No more thumbs:

Nope. . .

not even mine.

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4 Responses to no more thumbs…

  1. James Hobbs says:

    Peer pressure is an excellent deterrent for thumb sucking. When one of your fourth or fifth grade buddies makes fun of you for sucking your thumb you figure it out pretty quick. I wouldn’t sweat it to much. It will eventually take care of itself.

  2. Betsy Boyles says:

    i’m worried that wyatts pacifier is doing something similar to his teeth. not as pronounced as Lula’s but it’s early still…

    • trinakhobbs says:

      Yeah, you’re probably too early to tell. Cy’s developed an overbite, but Lula’s is intense. It’s dramatically effected her teeth, but so far so good on the weening her off. We are getting er done.

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