Magic-Glove, a thumb-sucking update…

My girl is a rockstar!

She is handling this effort to break her thumb-habit like a champ.

We settled on a fingerless glove as our method and, other then bath-time and swimming, she hasn’t taken it off yet.

It’s been 9 days!!

I’m so proud of her.

It hasn’t all been easy.  She calls for us at night sometimes, maybe every other night, and nap times are a little rough now that she can’t just relax with her thumb.

But, we are getting there.  One moment at a time.

In fact, the other day I’d forgotten to put her glove back on after her bath and when I put her down for a nap she called out, “MOM, you forgot my magic-glove!!”

Her magic glove.

What a sweet way to think about it.

Because the truth is, there are moments where I worry that I’m torturing her by taking away her thumb; like breaking this habit is also ruining her confidence and shredding her independence.  I worry that she’s too young for such a big lifestyle change, that we are pushing too hard, that she isn’t ready.

But, she calls it her magic-glove.

What a relief.

And she reminds me to put it on.

I guess she’s ready after all.

It’s been a fun addition to her already awesome wardrobe.  Now every outfit consists of a tutu and a magic-glove.

My whimsical little fairy.

I’m looking forward to the day I no longer have to think about her thumb or her glove.  The night I don’t worry that she’s not going to sleep well with out it’s comfort, or when nap times aren’t such a struggle.  And she is making great strides towards these accomplishments.

But, I think I will miss her magic-glove too.  It’s been a sweet companion for the last week.

Thank you Magic-Glove!  You’re performing your job perfectly!!

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