epic weekend celebrations!!!

Once upon a time I was a happy mother to two tiny and precious babies, and life was perfect.  Then one day my husband came home from work and announced that he had lost his job.

And the rain came down.

A while later I met a woman, who was a happy mother to THREE tiny and precious babies, who’s husband had also just lost his job.

And God made us friends.

Sherah and I met during a very tumultuous time in both of our lives.  We both had been uprooted, we both were facing an unknown we hadn’t anticipated, we both had new born babies that demanded a lot of energy, and we both had no idea where the money was going to come from or where we were going to find work.

We both were scared.

This weekend my family and I had the pleasure of staying with this beautiful woman and her family.

They’ve found peace.  They’ve got good, dare I say better, jobs now.  They own a great home in a fantastically beautiful area.  They are in a dramatically better place then they were when we first met.

And so are we.

And so we celebrated.

We shared our stories, our kids played, we all looked like ragamuffins, but we were relaxed and happy.

Both of our husbands admitted that loosing their jobs had actually been a blessing.  And, although pulling ourselves through the muck wasn’t always easy, we are better and happier for it.

A few short years ago my husband was enslaved by stress and worry.  This weekend I watched him dance with our daughter, while our friends cooked us jumbalaya, without a care in the world.

Just happy.

I remember our first shared meals together: unemployed and terrified, and now: relaxed and, while not worry-free, at least at peace.  Such a juxtaposition and a fun way to bookend that struggle.

Maybe you don’t really know the power of a joyful moment unless you’ve experienced a stressful one.

If that’s true, we have our shared stories to thank for our celebratory weekend.

Watching our families, with all the contentment that surrounded us, was, and is, such a gift.

I’m so happy to see my friends thriving in their new life, and so grateful that the detour in our paths didn’t take us too far away from each other.  I look forward to many more weekends full of stories, full of ragamuffins playing games together, full of celebration.

Thank you, Sherah, we had a wonderful time.



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2 Responses to epic weekend celebrations!!!

  1. Sherah Witt says:

    I love you friend and I am so thankful for this path the Lord has chosen for us all… amazingly hard and amazingly beautiful. Thankful for your friendship and the support in the valley’s and the mountain tops. 🙂 May we camp for a long while on the mountain top! xoxo

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