simply can’t get enough…

I love my kids.

I love everything about them.

I love their laughter, and the way they walk.  I love how they think and act.  I love the way they pray and how quickly they can memorize words.

I love them, I simply can’t get enough.

I even love how they dress.

I had a sibling that suffered through a lot of wardrobe issues, which caused a fair share of tension with my parents–and I’m terrified of it.  I have strong opinions about fashion, I really enjoy putting together outfits and designing looks, I never realized how much I could like it until I had kids.  These beautiful and perfect little bodies are just begging to be dressed up.  It could so easily spin out of control,

I can almost feel it pulling me towards the dark side.

(Don’t become some weird kind of pageant-coach, Trina.)

My one saving grace has been that my children seem to have their own impeccable taste when it comes to fashion.  It’s keeping me from descending down the “stage-mom” rabbit hole.

My cyclone-son tends to dress in layers, often with a belt strapped across his chest to carry his “weapons”.  He combines things like camo and bright-red, and I LOVE it.  It’s not an obsession on his part, more of a declaration of independence.  By taking control of his clothes he is able to expresses who he has decided to be for the day.  Sometimes a rockstar, sometimes a superhero, sometimes a skater, always my love.

My girl basically sticks to one style: namely tutus.  Every outfit contains a tutu, whether she’s already wearing a dress or not.  (Sometimes she doesn’t even change out of her pajamas first.)

My favorite outfits combine her brother’s hand-me-downs with her princess skirts.  Plus she often accessorizes with Cyclone’s weapons, my warrior princess!

She also chooses to dress in layers and I usually just let her have at it–I simply can’t get enough of her little tutu-ed tushie!!

But, no matter how much my two love to dress themselves–I find them, more often then not, half-naked-little-ragamuffins.

Their natural state.

I just can’t get enough.

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