To My Birthday Girl: A Thousand Times, Yes…

Three years ago I was over two weeks past my due date and scheduled to be induced on Monday, the 28th of February.

And by the grace of God, my little girl was born at 8:16 on Sunday night, the 27th, just 12 hours shy of my appointment with the hospital. YES YES YES, a thousand times, yes!

Today I celebrate the life of my Little-Love and the lessons her young three years have already taught me.

I am constantly in awe of this lady.  She in tiny, but bold.  She is dainty, but tough.  She is delicate and mighty–all girl and all warrior.

She’s incredibly verbal and sneakily clever.

Plus, she’s a fighter–sometimes in a bad way, but also in every good possible way.

Like learning how to break a bad habit before the age of three, that takes a fighter.

And she is.

A fighter, through and through.

Daily, my Little-Love crawls into my lap, places her tiny hands on my face, and asks me, in her sweetest voice, “Mom, are we best-friends?”

And my heart melts.

It melts because I also was best-friends with my mom–I know this because my soul misses my mother in a way that only a best-friend could understand.

It melts because I know my Little-Love won’t always want me as her best-friend, but I always will be–because no one wants better for that girl then I do.

And it melts my heart because I know how incredibly blessed I am to have such an amazing lady ask me to be friends with her, every single day.

I am so honored.

What an amazing three years it has been.

I’m overjoyed to get to share my life with this Little-Love and truly honored for the opportunity to watch her grow.

Every night I pray that God will mold me into the mother she needs–I so badly want to do a good job in this huge role that he has blessed me with.

Please oh please, help me be the mother she needs!!

SO, Happy Birthday my darling girl! You light up my life!

And to answer your question…

Yes, Little-Love, we are best-friends.  A thousand times yes.

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3 Responses to To My Birthday Girl: A Thousand Times, Yes…

  1. kelly-ann says:

    yes,little girl are are best friend forlife

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