A party-less birthday

Yesterday was Little-Love’s third birthday, but we aren’t REALLY celebrating until we meet up with out of town family this weekend.  Plus, the man of the house was gone on a business meeting so we didn’t want to go TOO crazy without him.

It started with an early morning breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fruit salad, under the ambiance of the flowers Love had picked out the night before.

(I swear, that girl used to LOVE bananas… it’s like she ate so many as a baby that her little body just can’t hold anymore.  She’s filled her quota for life, or something…Weird)

Breakfast was followed by cartoons:

Which was interrupted by me, freaking-out that we were late to dance class:

I quickly discovered that we were NOT late, and in fact were an entire hour early.  (Darn that stupid television clock!)  So, we got a bonus trip to the local coffee shop for some hot-cocoa.

Just for living:

We did eventually get to our ballet-class:

Then to the local toy store, then home to watch Mary Poppins and drive momma crazy until FINALLY Daddy came home:

I think getting to wrestle with her dad is all the party this girl really needed.

I feel slightly guilty that her actual birth DAY wasn’t more fun, but I know she’s got a lot of family looking forward to celebrating with her on Saturday.

Her party-less birthday was still lovely, and it ended with a special daddy-daughter date to the movie store, and chocolate gelato for dessert.

Plus, she prayed for us at dinner, and we got to listen to her sing at bed…what more could you want?

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