Daddy’s-girl, a birthday tradition…

This weekend we celebrated my Little-Love’s third birthday:

And, for the third year in a row, Little-Love’s daddy got her an extra-special present…

On her first birthday, Adam surprised our girl (and me) with a charm bracelet that contained one small bead:

The bead is a series of amethyst stones lined up in a circle: February’s birth-stone.

I was completely blown away.

Not only did Adam take the initiative to buy her a present, but it was so thoughtful,

so feminine,

so meaningful.

(I knew I’d picked a good guy.)

So, for every birthday since, Adam has added a new bead to her charm bracelet.  Last year it was a little duck:

And this year’s–a precious little flower:

I have no idea how he goes about picking what charm to add, I don’t even know what each present will be until Little-Love opens it.

Ball’s totally in her dad’s court on this one… and I LOVE it.

What a sweet tradition, and how AWESOME that he came up with it himself. . . (no nagging required)

For three years I have looked forward to seeing what daddy’s present will be, and every year I’ve been so pleased.  I couldn’t be prouder of Adam’s love for our daughter, or his initiation of this precious father-daughter tradition.

World’s Best Daddy, right here.

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One Response to Daddy’s-girl, a birthday tradition…

  1. Sarah says:

    What a sweet story! I love it when dad’s love their little girls so much. You rarely hear these types of stories, so thanks for sharing! Love reading what’s going on in your family!

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