Boys and Girls: A Lego Study…

My son LOVES his Legos.

But, his sister’s never really gotten into them.

I try to encourage her, but she just hasn’t shown any interest.

So, for her birthday we bought her “girl-themed” legos.  This particular kit consists of larger style legos that, when stacked, create cakes and pastries, complete with candles.

Our Little-Love really enjoys her play-kitchen,

so we figured these food-legos would be a good fit for her.  And, so far, she does seem to enjoy them.

but, she doesn’t play with them NEARLY as much as her brother.  Who IMMEDIATELY took her cute, feminine, pastry-themed legos…and turned them into weapons. . .

and airplanes, and robots.  I mean…



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2 Responses to Boys and Girls: A Lego Study…

  1. Kim says:

    I don’t think there’s a single object in our house that my son hasn’t made into a weapon. Dude. Boys.

  2. trinakhobbs says:

    Right. Turning cupcakes into swords was new for me. His manhood knows no bounds.

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