a SUPER early birthday present: (seriously, my birthday isn’t until the end of April)

On Friday my husband asked me out on a date; I was excited, but I had no idea what all was in store.

He let me know about an hour before we were set to leave that I should dress up–cue me scrambling around trying to find shoes to wear with the dress that’s too cold for this weather, trying to achieve a smokey-eye even though I’ve NEVER pulled it off before, carefully drawing on bright red lips and then spending my last 10 minutes trying to wipe it all off.

I don’t dress up often.

After dropping our kids off at a friend’s house we made our way to Palisade to visit the “Wine Country Inn”.  Apparently my husband knows the chef–this doesn’t surprise me AT ALL.  This man of mine just makes friends everywhere he goes–so we were treated extremely well, with complementary appetizers waiting for us when we arrived.

I felt so fancy.

(The Chef, Marcelo Marino, came out to welcome Adam and meet me, cause that’s how we roll.)

Can you hear how out of place I am in this fancy restaurant?

After our AMAZING dinner and our “on-the-house” truffles (SERIOUSLY, this man of mine, I’ve never had complementary anything) my husband surprised me, yet again, with an incredibly early birthday present.

A camera…

a NICE camera.

I’ve been wanting a camera since… well, at least high school.

I cried when I opened it.

I cried in my backless-dress, in this fancy restaurant, while the wait staff asked if my beef-wellington wasn’t satisfactory.  “Food’s Amazing. Just crying over a camera!”

I can’t even tell you.  I’m so excited to learn how to use it and SO INTIMIDATED by all the buttons.

I immediately pulled it out and took three photos:

Two of my wine and one of my man.  (just keeping it real)

The next morning I woke up and read the entire manual, watched a bunch of online video, and got to taking more photos.

It’s pretty hard to tell if you’re taking a good picture when you’re subject is SO beautiful.

The skill I most want to learn right now is “depth of field”

So, I practiced on some toy bugs.  I got SUPER excited when the bug in front went out of focus, I’ve never been able to do that before.

(Who wouldn’t want 30 pictures of plastic toys from chick-fil-a?)

I’m so happy.  I already signed up for an online workshop in May, and I’m watching the same youtube videos over and over.  I’m gonna master this eventually.

Thanks to this super amazing man for this awesome gift.  It’s been a dream of mine for a long time.




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One Response to a SUPER early birthday present: (seriously, my birthday isn’t until the end of April)

  1. Sherah Witt says:

    Your doing great already!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see more of your pictures and watch you learn your new craft 🙂

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