my favorite sweater, a random act of kindness…

Yesterday we had a Give Away.

A few days ago I wrote about an early birthday present.

So, in keeping with this “gift” theme, I’d like to tell you a story about another gift I received recently:

A week or so ago I took the kids to the park.  The weather was just starting to get warm and I decided to take full advantage of it.

While my kids were playing there was an older couple walking a path around the equipment.  The gentleman was moving quickly, but his wife needed a walker to get around, so she and I struck up a conversation.

My son fell off his skateboard and she spoke sweet words of encouragement.  She complemented my beautiful daughter and I praised her gorgeous long gray hair.  It wasn’t much, but it definitely made my time at the park even brighter.

This sweet woman was wearing a red track suit, the kind where the pants and jacket match.  She looked so awesome with her silver hair, (long and curled) and her bright athletic outfit on her fit body.  I was super inspired watching her struggle to get exercise while stuck behind a walker, I hope I can be like that when I’m her age.

While the weather was definitely sunny, it was still windy and my Little-Love started to complain about the cold.

So, I gave her my sweater:

Which left me in nothing but a sundress, I wasn’t going to last long in the breeze.

I wrapped my arms around my body and found a spot to sit in the sun. I hadn’t noticed but the couple I’d been sharing the park with had made their way to their car.  I was shivering and planning my attempt to convince my kids to leave when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

The older gentleman was standing behind me holding out a bright red sweater,

“My wife saw you give your sweater to your daughter, so she wants you to have this.”

I was shocked.

I tried to refuse it, it was obviously part of a set after all, but they insisted I keep it.  The man helped me put it on and then quickly departed, I barely had time to thank him.

I ended up staying for an hour longer, warm and cozy in my new sweater.

It’s too big for me, and not my style at all, but I LOVE it.  There’s something about being on the receiving end of a random act of kindness that makes you feel more at home in the world.

Kindness still exists,

Beauty can still thrive,

There are blessings all around.

My new favorite sweater.

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