lasers and blue tongues–my date with a cyclone:

First off I want to congratulate Natalie for winning this blog’s very first Give Away:  She picked out a super beautiful piece don’t you think?

Now, on to today’s post:

We did not have a particularly fun weekend.  We spent most of it looking at real-estate and furniture.  Both of which are activities that I actually really do enjoy, but dragging two hot, tired, bored kids along definitely took it’s toll.

Those are my kids, camped out in the massage chairs that specifically say: “Adults only”.  Yup, this weekend I was THAT mom.

Anyhow, after a few days of house hunting my son was ready to cut loose, and for the first time EVER, he asked if I wanted to hang-out–just the two of us…

A mother-son date…I couldn’t say no.

He wanted to play laser tag, I wanted to sleep.  To be honest, going to the arcade was the LAST thing I wanted to do on Sunday afternoon.  I did suggest that we simply take a nap together, but he didn’t bite.

It was laser-tag or nothing.

Thus, my gorgeous and manipulative little boy convinced me to go, so we gathered ourselves together and made our way to the local arena.

I’ve never played laser tag before so I was a little nervous, and MAN was it a work-out.

After only two games I was SWEEEEAAAATYYYY!!

(so, so yucky)

We decided to cool off in the concessions area.  My boy got a blue slushy,

and I got…whatever this is:

(I didn’t like it, I ended up sharing most of it with the cyclone-man. . . who didn’t like it either.)

I hadn’t really been in the mood for the arcade, but I’m so glad my little-guy talked me into laser-tag.  We played two more games, four in all, and we probably lost every single one.  I don’t actually know because I never checked and Cyclone never asked me too.  Really, it didn’t matter, he was just happy to be there; running free and ‘killing’ strangers.  We were on different teams a couple of times and I could hear my boy laughing hysterically throughout the arena.

It was so precious–I could’ve cried. . .

if I wasn’t so busy shooting at him.

I almost didn’t want it to end.

Seriously, what an honor that this little rascal asked ME to go; said he wanted to share his favorite game with me. . .


If shopping for furniture made him hot, tired, and bored–playing laster-tag left my boy hot, tired, and full of joy.

And joy knows no greater depth then an exhausted, sweaty, laser-ed out kid…

with an impressively blue mouth.

(that can’t be healthy…)




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