an unintended science experiment.

After our laser-tag date, my cyclone and I bought him his very first wallet.

Right away he realized that his shiny new wallet was seriously lacking in funds,

— and he immediately set his mind on doing chores to fill it.

It’s pretty adorable, but he actually makes more of a mess then he really cleans up.  So, after he was done I set to work tidying up after him.

I was wiping down our table when I noticed something strange…

Hiya’s bowl (our fish) sits on a little mat, which was curling up on one side.  When I took a closer look I discovered this:

Yup, that’s a melted mat with an actual BURN mark on my table.  CRAZY!

Our Hiya has been residing in this spot by the window for months now, so I have no idea when this melting occurred–but it must have been rather recently.

I just find it fascinating.

I tried to explain the phenomena we were witnessing to the kids, but I’m certain I failed.  I am no scientist.

But–I am a science appreciator…so there’s that.

Regardless of how cool this melting process is, I should probably find my fish a new place to squat before he burns through my table.

Good thing Cyclone decided to do some extra chores, forcing me to do my own, who knows how long it would’ve taken me to spot this magnification experiment otherwise.

Earned him his first dollar.


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