prayer requests, things are happening…

We are under contract to purchase a new home! YAY-HOORAY!!

I am SO excited to be in our own space again.

I was actually day dreaming about it over lunch when something caught my eye:

These flowers were a gift from a neighbor, a thank you for picking up her mail while she was out of town.

She also brought my kids some fun things:

We’ve been so blessed with a few WONDERFUL neighbors in our current location, and while I am SO so excited about buying, I am going to miss living so close to these amazing people.

(Thankfully, we are basically just moving down the street–not across the globe)

I would love some prayers though:

That our home in Montrose will sell, and that we will be able to close on the house here.

Thank you, it’s very exciting stuff.

Blessings all around.

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2 Responses to prayer requests, things are happening…

  1. Sherah Witt says:

    SO, SO excited for you guys!!!! And praying with you that God will move and let you move 🙂

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