My new camera’s battery is dead, I have been using it A LOT and haven’t charged it once, so all my new photos are trapped inside it’s lifeless body for now.  So, I thought I’d share my favorite photos from the past week, and I’ll share the new ones later.

My blue-tongued laser-tag date.

My “No-longer-a-thumb-sucker” little warrior-princess.

My gift from a treasured neighbor.

Actually, maybe my dead camera is a little blessing.  Looking through this past weeks photos was a really nice treat.  Reminds me of all we’ve done and the tiny pockets of joy we’ve experienced along the way.  I don’t know, maybe I’ll make Friday-favorites a thing.  I kinda liked it.

It’s been a good few days–tonight I’m going to celebrate another beautiful week and then get myself ready to conquer another come Monday.

Have a Great Weekend, everyone!!

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One Response to Friday-fun-day!!

  1. Emily says:

    Love it 🙂 Can’t believe how grown up these little Hobblets are!

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