Sunday, Skateboards, Sprinklers, Sours

I had a perfect Sunday, starting with french toast and church and ending with whiskey sours and sprinklers.

After church my husband met up with some boys to play paint-ball.  I’ve realized in my many years of marriage (read the sarcasm) that my husband needs to have moments of pure masculine fun–usually involving some level of danger or pain–in order to function happily in our otherwise clean and safe world.

So, while he was shooting stuff at his friends, the kids and I played tag, took naps, and practiced skate-boarding.

Until Daddy came home and then things got downright acrobatic.

And the only one to fall was the big-man himself:

It was SUCH a beautiful day, we decided to play some corn-hole, but before we got the chance our kids had turned on the sprinkler.

Which lead right into one of MY favorite activities–holding cold babies wrapped in warm towels.

It was so great!

So much happiness.  Eventually the babies took a bath and the hubs and I got creative with puppets.

Then our puppets made-out a little.

And I insisted that I was an expert at snake-arms.

It was a perfect Sunday, the perfect way to jump start a new week.

Here’s to making it great!

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