Spring is in the air, and it’s killing me.

Spring is in the air, and getting to be outside in the warm sun has been fabulous.

I haven’t struggled with allergies much in the past years–I eat local honey and I truly believe that it helps–but last night, man-oh-man,  it felt like my eyes were turning into dust and each grain was setting itself on fire.

I do wear contacts, honestly I HATE wearing glasses, but I wonder if I’ve gotten to the age that I’m just going to have to submit to them.

Glasses forever?

My older brother has, he wears glasses exclusively.

I just HATE wearing them, I feel like there is a barrier between me and the world.  I can’t play as well because I’m constantly pushing them up or cleaning them off.

UGH, (first-world problems right?)

Last night we were visiting at a friend’s house, having a wonderful time, and I had to leave because my eyes hurt SO bad.  I actually had to sleep with saline soaked cotton-balls on my eyes.  It was SO painful.

Does that mean it’s time?

Am I a woman who needs to wear glasses?  Exclusively?  Forever?

Come on spring! Leave me alone!!

I’m too vain for this.


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