thought I was gonna write something sad, but then I couldn’t

Yesterday I got SUPER bad news… I was gonna write about that.  Then my sister called me with SUPER good news that negated my super bad news, leaving my writing about said sad news, simply pointless.

YAY, for pointless sad news that is no longer important!

Also, yay for sisters!!

and Yay for sisters who turn into best-friends, who fly in to save the day right before you write a sad post about your bad news!!


(Us at our baby brother’s wedding, I’ll let you guess which one is her.)

On a different note.  I’d mentioned a dear friend and neighbor that I don’t want to move away from.  She gave me these:

And these:

Well, today she stopped by because she had bought my kids some books at the local fair, simply because she hadn’t remembered to tell me about it, (how funny that she felt like it was her duty to tell me about it, but how kind of her to think of my babies.)

She was supposed to just stop by.  Then she sat down.  Then we talked and talked.

And then, she read to my kids.

You see why I’m not looking forward to moving away from this amazing woman.

I’m so blessed to know these wonderful, beautiful women.  Thank you ladies, you bless my life!!

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