Pajamas and sunlight…

It doesn’t happen often, but yesterday there was a moment.  A pajama and light filled moment, in which both of my babies were playing, sweetly.  Without screaming or fighting, no tears or mommy intervention–just the quiet sounds of wooden blocks being stacked and lined up, as well as the quiet whispers of their toddler voices as they sang to themselves.

It was magical.

Eventually the moment transitioned from playing “near” each other to playing “with” each other.

Cyclone gave Little-Love’s castle a “flag” and she took a “photo” with her new phone.

Usually when these moments enter my life I quickly spend them catching up on Facebook, or cleaning up the kitchen, or staring off into space…blissfully disengaged.  Thankfully, something caught my attention this morning, reminding me to pause and invest this moment’s currency into memory instead of spending it on something selfish or fleeting.

I only have these two for a short time.  My son will be attending school in the fall, my baby-girl is already 3, I am going to miss their company so much.  I want to cherish these sweet-sleepy moments with them.  I want to soak up every happy detail of how they sounded, what songs they whispered, what they chose to build.  Everything.

I am blessed beyond measure, I never want to take that for granted.

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