sleeping around, mommy style…

Last night my husband slept with another girl, or at least attempted too.

It started when my incredible husband watched a movie with the kids that scared my little daughter. (To be clear, this movie wasn’t too scary, she was just in a mood.)

So, come bed-time she insisted that she was too scared to sleep in a bed by herself, (More on that later.)

My daughter is a master of manipulation, so young and yet she already knows that there are a few things that her dad and I simply will not ignore.  Off the top of my head I can think of at least three,

-If she’s hurt

-If she’s sad


-If she’s scared

So, her insistence in her fear last night meant that we allowed her to fall asleep in our bed.  I gently transferred her sleeping form back into her own bed, but alas I was awaken again at 2 a.m. by that same tiny voice.

Therefore, I sacrificed my sleep on the alter of good parenting and allowed my daughter to steal my spot in my warm bed, next to my comfy husband, and I slumped off into her room to attempt to catch a few hours in there.

That would’ve been fine, but eventually she decided to climb back into her bed, which of course was now being occupied by me.


I didn’t get great sleep, but it was still a rather adorable night.

Having this flexibility in our sleeping arrangements isn’t necessarily something we planned before having kids, but I’m glad that we’ve adopted this lifestyle.  Waking up next to my gorgeous-smiling girl was a perfect way to start my busy and otherwise sleep deprived day.

Our babies have been sleeping in the same room, in the same bed, and while I’ve loved the arrangement, my big-boy son is ready for his own space.

He had slept on the floor while our friends were visiting and since then he has refused to sleep in a bed.  (Says they are too comfy)

(This makes my husband so many levels of proud.  He’s raising a man, who sleeps on the ground, the way God intended.)

This new arrangement is another reason why my Little-Love was struggling last night.  It’s been about a week now since our girl has had to face sleep alone while her protective big-brother sleeps just below her–still in the same room, but definitely not in the same space.

Honestly, I completely understand her need for another warm body.  I don’t like sleeping alone either.

So, that’s my story of last nights musical beds.  I may be sleepy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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