First Leg is in the Bag…

The first leg of our trip is behind us.  We drove to my in-laws home where Nana and Papa-J are going to be visiting with our kids while the hubs and I take our little trip.

So far, we’ve experienced a few bumps.

Less then an hour into our drive yesterday I may or may not have been projectile vomited on. . .

No, I was…

Puked on…

It was like he was aiming for me.

My son got very car sick and spent the first six hours of our trip periodically spewing, forcing us to pull-over repeatedly.

It was ok though, my boy is one tough nugget.  He didn’t cry or complain at all.

(You could argue that this is also why I spent the bulk of our drive covered in puke–there was simply no warning.  One minute he’s talking and playing in the back seat, the next he was doing his best Linda Blair impersonation.)

I gave up my shot-gun seat to my queazy little man and reclined it as far as it would go, so I spent most of the trip squeezed into the back seat of our tiny compact car.

The other flaw in our drive was an errand we had to run for a friend, that essentially add 4 hours on to our trip.

All in all we were in the car for THIRTEEN HOURS!!

All four of us, and all of our luggage, in very close quarters, for thirteen hours.

I am oddly incredibly proud of this fact.

We do not have a portable DVD player, our kids did not play on any sort of screen device.  (Not because I have some sort of moral problem with either, we simply didn’t have them.)  And, despite their sever lack in entertainment, mixed with the pesky car sickness, our kids did GREAT!

Very few arguments or issues.

I read to them out of our current chapter book, we listened to music, and that was enough–somehow we managed.

I’m proud of my kids but I am SUPER proud of the husband and I.

How did that hot cowboy from college turn into a guy who can drive all day with two young sick kids and not loose his mind in the process.

I’m a lucky, lucky lady.


Today is all about visiting with our family and friends before traveling on to the next stop in our vacation.

Bring on the coffee and conversation!!

After our long trip yesterday I’m just SO happy to be here.

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