we’re back!!

I want to thank you all for your birthday wishes!!  I had an epic and wonderful day.

Not only was it my 31st birthday, it was also Easter, and I was on vacation with my husband in Maui.

Although my body ached for my children durning our trip, and especially on my birthday/Easter, I truly had a beautiful day.

We arrived in Hawaii the night before and we IMMEDIATELY hit the pool and enjoyed the sunset from the water.

We played a game of “pig” (We would of played “horse” but after the first few shots we realized that “horse” would take far too long for our unpracticed selves to spell.)

These are the “take-a-selfie-while-shooting-a-basket” shots.

Neither of us made it.

Both my husband and his cousin managed to sink baskets off of the tops of their heads as well as off the bridge.

We created a bit of a spectacle, but it was awesome.  A perfect way to unwind after our long flight.

The last thing I saw as a thirty year old woman was this view:

Which brings us to Easter:

I was awoken by a multitude of text messages at 4 a.m. . .so thanks for that.

There’s a bit of a time difference to consider, so next time I’ll be sure to put my phone on silent.

Regardless of the time, I started my day feeling very loved.

Sharing the start of a new year with the day we celebrate the resurrection of our savior was a very sweet coincidence.

I like dates.

I like first of the months, and Mondays, and even numbers.

So these coinciding life events felt momentous and beautiful.

(The last time my birthday was on Easter I had turned 20 and was living in Italy.  Another big and beautiful day.  That year I would meet and start dating the man I would eventually marry.  And 11 years later that same man would fly me to a beautiful island to celebrate my birthday and worship GOD with me on the beach.)

Oh the wonder of it all.

After church we had breakfast followed by snorkeling

It wasn’t my favorite snorkeling expedition of our vacation, but a day of snorkeling is still better then a day doing nearly anything else. (videos to come)

This is our snorkeling selfie:

We ended the day with a gorgeous fish dinner date on the water. . .I’m a truly lucky lady.

Although, I did miss my kids, I had an amazing and wonderful day.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Your messages and phone calls made me feel so very loved, I appreciate all of your friendship and kindness.

I would be a drastically different woman without all of you in my life.

I am very excited for my 31st year. . .what wonders will these next months hold.

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