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Recital weekend…

Last night was Little-Love’s ballet recital.  Which meant dress rehearsals and lots of sparkles. This is how she poses for mommy, and this: is how she poses for daddy.  No more grumpy face. Watching my little girl on stage is … Continue reading

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the start of a busy day…

Today is going to be filled with dress rehearsals and dance recitals…so is tomorrow, so is saturday. We are getting right to work this morning.  No funny business, no monkeying around… Well, maybe some funny business…my beautiful monkeys. But, as soon … Continue reading

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why we are currently sitting on the ground…

Funny story. A few weeks ago my husband and I decided to have a yard sale at our old home.  Because of this we left our dinning room table at the old house to use during the sale. After a … Continue reading

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recovering from our fun-filled weekend…

Our weekend was full of bonfires and bbqs, bike rides and good brews. (and the circus, and the movies, and church, and painting, and yard work, and, and, and) AND, Today is all about recovering. I have at least 7 loads … Continue reading

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Life abundantly.

  Whenever Jehovah’s witnesses come to my door the first question is always, “Do you know where you’re going to go when you die?” Every. Time. I often think… Is that really your selling point? Death? And I mean no … Continue reading

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I didn’t see it coming, my unexpected friendship.

When we moved to this new town last year I had one acquaintance already built in.  An old friend from middle-school, who I hadn’t had much contact with since our junior year. She moved to my home town in our 7th grade … Continue reading

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Missing my mother, one broken salt shaker at a time…

I miss my mother, I literally ache for her. During our move one of our salt shakers broke, and it just happens to have formally belonged to my mother. The minute that random porcelain piece hit our counter top I … Continue reading

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