A month or so ago I asked for your prayers (see here) and yesterday our prayers were answered.

We not only closed on our new home, but we also finally sold our other home in Montrose.


Quite literally minutes apart.


We showed up almost half an hour early to our first signing, (chalk that up to nervous energy):

So, there was a lot of anxious sitting and attempting to keep our kids quiet in a big empty room.  (In case you don’t know, big empty rooms are like catnip to wild kids…oh the loud and annoying possibilities.)

Little-Love made a bee line for the candy:

Husband went to work calculating and re-calculating.  (He’s the mastermind behind everything closing on one day, if he weren’t so good at his regular job I’d say he should work on the whole “world-peace” thing.)

(blue-eyes right??)

Eventually we were brought juice:

and coffee:

and the biggest stack of paper I’ve ever had to sign.

Because we were both selling and buying we had to sign twice as many documents.  We were there for a looong time.

BUT, eventually we signed them all, hugged our agent, and got our keys.

The start of a new era.

I’m so excited.

So, let’s take a look at this place shall we…

AHHH, just kidding.  I’ll share that tomorrow!!

I do want to thank you all for your kindness and prayer!! I’ve loved getting to share all of this with you!

  • There is one woman in particular that offered to loan us our down payment if our home in Montrose wasn’t able to close on time.  Which is a HUGE display of faith in us.  To this woman, (who has been a friend to us in many ways, and is a huge part of why we are successful in our new town and carreer) I want to say an extra big Thank you.  Dee, you are a God send.  We would’ve literally been lost without your guidance. Thank you for your offer of help. I’m glad we didn’t need it, but I appreciate it all the same.  You are a gem!!

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