Home tour…the before:

Ok, so here are some photos of my brand new (one hundred year old) beautiful home.

We enter the mudroom and head directly into the living room.

The living room is connected to the kitchen, which is BY FAR the nicest kitchen I’ve ever owned.

Past the kitchen is the formal dinning room…

and a small back yard, where someday a beautiful chicken coop will live.

Of course there’s a bathroom:

The kids room is currently an intense pink, Little-Love is thrilled, her brother . . . not so much.  (Every square inch of this house is getting a makeover, in fact, we already started,  and this fuschia mess was victim number one.)

(The closet has a castle mural painted on it. I think we’ll let that one stay.  It’s only a closet after all.)

So, then there’s the master:

And the upstairs game/guest room:

(Where’s my love-bug???)

The upstairs also has a small powder room.

It’s not very big, but I think it will work out great for us.  The HUGE bonus to this place is that the basement has been transformed into a separate apartment.  We will be renting it out for supplemental income (we already have tenants).

It all sounds good in theory.

Plus, my babies are thrilled.

There are some things about this home that I just love.  Little things like the door knobs, and old doors, and cubbies.

Selling our old home was bitter sweet.  I am ready and excited to start our new life here, but I made a lot of memories in that home.

My kid’s heights are marked in a door frame.

My Little-love was born in our bedroom, she took her first steps in the kitchen.

Cyclone learned to ride a bike out front, fell and got his first stitches.

We had a whole life in that house, and while I am excited to move on, I’m sad to say goodbye.

If those walls could talk, right?

I know we are going to make a lot of beautiful memories in this home too.  In fact, we are already well on our way.

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