Our beautiful mess…

It has been MADNESS around here for the last few weeks.

We have been painting every square inch of this place, plus moving everything from our rental, plus having the LAMEST yard sale in history.

First we painted everything a nice neutral gray.

We got bids to have it done professionally, but after hearing the price and timeline we made the decision to take on the job ourselves.

We’ve had a few minor set backs, but nothing major…

(Meh, it cleaned up fine.)

Our poor babies have been totally off schedule as well, (not that they ever really had a good one to begin with.)

There have been lots of long and messy nights, filled with nasty food, and hardwood beds.

I wish that I could say that our first meals in this home had been special and meaning-filled.  Instead, we ate chick-fil-a while taping windows and watching “Frozen”.

I’m beginning to feel some anxiety about this move.  I am so desperate for a clean and SAFE place.  Without paint buckets and screws scattered around and laundry piled up in every corner.

I have a bad habit of letting my surroundings affect my mood, and right now… I am surrounded by chaos.


I am also surrounded by Mother’s Day flowers and homemade cards.

Beautiful reminders that I live a truly blessed life, and this home already reflects that.

I just have to look past the pandemonium,

and the unfinished work,

to catch a glimpse of all the sweetness.

Of the beauty of this new adventure filled with the people I love.

Maybe they’ve had to take naps on the floor, with towels for pillows and curtains for blankets.

It’s definitely not ideal.


Just look how darling they are while doing it.

My beautiful mess.

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