feeling like home…

I worked all day long yesterday and this morning I woke up to this:

It might not seem like much, but having just one room feel clean and welcoming is SO nice.

For so long yesterday I felt like I was working and working without making any progress, and then out of the blue I spotted floor, and space, and a place to sit down.


I got a call from a friend while I was working and she and I talked about how, in life, you often feel like nothing changes–no big events for long periods of time–and then out of nowhere you will have an incredibly full day,

or week,

where your whole world shifts.

Like having a baby, starting a new job,

selling a home and buying a home all in one day.

Big days,

A big month.

While it might seem insignificant, yesterday was a reminder how quickly life can change, a room full of boxes and chaos

Can suddenly be a room of tranquility

With just a little effort.

(Or a LOT of effort)

I am approaching the finish line with this room–it needs pictures, and furniture, and the last little touch ups–but how silly that yesterday I felt like giving up before I realized just how close I was…

There’s a life lesson buried in these piles of boxes, I think.  I just have to unpack it.  (Oh, the puns!!)

It’s feeling like home.

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