mama got her eyes back!!!

Last night my life changed.

I got LASIK eye surgery and I am SOOOO excited!!

I’ve been putting off the surgery for a while because of money and laziness and fear.  But, the last few years my eyes have been causing us so much grief.

(I say “us” because my family has had to listen to my incessant complaining and deal with looking at me in glasses, which is not pretty…the complaining or the glasses.)

And this last month I completely gave in and started wearing glasses full time, which also meant wearing those super sexy wrap around sunglass-attachments…I’d basically given up on life.

“This lady sure has let herself go”

Last week I got my free consultation, and last night I had surgery.

It was quick, relatively painless, and then it was over. TA DA!!

I did have to sleep with these beauties on:

Plus, wake up to put in some eye drops.

But, this morning I woke up and I can see.  Not perfectly yet, but so incredibly well that I could cry.

There have been times in my life where I felt buried in some insecurity, or hidden behind something that just wasn’t “me”.

Acne is a huge one, you just never feel like you can totally be free when you’re sure all anyone can see is your pimples.

Braces was definitely one for me.  I was constantly worried about food stuck in them, or my lips snagging on them, or the glare they caused in pictures.  There are three years of photographs where I don’t smile with my mouth open.  I just wasn’t fully me.

It feels like being a dog on a leash, like you are enjoying yourself but you can only go so far before you remember that your stuck to something…or behind something.

Well this last month I felt stuck behind my glasses.

I’ve had them since the 7th grade and they’ve never really bothered me until now.  When I was going out on dates with my husband in Maui, and I had to wear my big clunky glasses.

Or I was dancing around the room with my kids, but had to keep stopping to push up my darn glasses.

(I KNOW, this is such a pathetic first-world problem and, like I said, it hasn’t become a real issue until this last month, but still “suck it up, lady”)

The other issue for me was, between painful contacts and allergies, I was rubbing my eyelashes off.


I literally had bald spots on my eyelids. . .probably not a good thing.


All that to say, it was time.  For a lot of reasons.

It was definitely time to get the old eyes fixed.

(When I told my kids about the surgery they both jumped up and down, I must SERIOUSLY look bad in glasses.)

And after a night of tossing and turning I woke up, peeled off my bandages and looked at the world, no longer tied behind my plastic frames.

Free to be me.

Mama’s got her eyes back.

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