The joy of living in town…

I am a small town girl.

In fact, I grew up 10 miles outside of a small town, on over 80 acres that bordered a canyon.

SUPER isolated.




I’ve always felt like living in an isolated way like that is simply better for the soul.

And, in my dreams, I own acreage.

Land in the mountains, with a stream, and a pond, and large trees, and a dog, and chickens, and…


That dream is on the back burner for right now.

My point is, I never saw myself living downtown and a part of me feels like I’m somehow failing at life by living in the city.  Good people live out in the peace and quiet.  Bad folks live in town, with all the chaos and crowds.

Yet here I am.

And although my dream of land is still very much alive, I’m learning that there are some TRULY wonderful things about living in town.

For one thing, my son and husband went to their respective Bible-studies last night, just like they do every Wednesday, the only difference was, last night they did not drive…they rode.

(I apologize for this lack in picture quality.  My other camera’s battery is dead and I haven’t yet unpacked the charger.)

Living close to down town has some very fun advantages.  We are walking distance to basically everything: library, park, church, coffee, groceries, ballgames, the farmer’s market, the pool, the brewery, the list goes on.

I am VERY excited about this.

(We even heard that the parade participants line up on our street, which means we can watch the parades from our front door.  WHAT!!)

So, while it doesn’t fulfill every dream we have, it doesn’t mean sacrificing it all together either.  It doesn’t have to be chaotic, my kids still have plenty of outdoor space to play and explore.

Funny thing about that, we have all this gorgeous soft grass, but my daughter only wants to play in the dirt pile:

Like anything in life, we have to find our own peace.

We can’t expect our job to do it, or our spouse, or our home.  I believe our rest is only found in the LORD, and no amount of land is going to get me closer to him.  (Although, honestly–sometimes it feels like God lives in the Rocky Mountains, “Cause up here folks, heaven’s not that far.”)

For now I’m simply excited to be living close to the action, and we will work on finding our calm, quiet, peaceful place on the inside.

(I honestly woke up to them doing this today.  Weirdos.)

So, here’s to living in town!!

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