oh, these lucky, lucky girls. My love letter to good men…

I was blessed in a way that I wasn’t aware of until I became an adult.

And the blessing was huge.

To be specific, I was loved by the men in my life.

It seems simple enough, but the effects are so intense and have extended so far, that the beauty of it cannot be over stated.

My male cousins, my uncles, my grandfathers, my brothers and fathers, (yes, plural), I was treated well and I am eternally grateful.

My dad was a wonderful man who died when I was very young, so most of my life I was raised by my step-father.

Ideally every girl gets to spend her entire life with her biological father, but my step-dad/daddy did such an amazing job of raising me that I can’t imagine the situation turning out any better.

My dad taught me what real love looked like.  Showing me by loving my mother, and adoring me, that real love is a choice.  That it looks like respect and it feels like home.

Because of all this I never let myself be mistreated by a man.

I knew what love really was–that it wasn’t just lust, that it didn’t need to be earned, no awful daddy issues here.  Praise, Jesus.

(It should be said that I only ever had two boyfriends, other then my husband, and both of them were also shining examples of chivalry and respect.  I can’t thank them enough for treating me so well and not weighing me down with a bunch of nasty relationship baggage that I know a lot of spouses have to carry into their marriages.  Like I said, I’m an extremely lucky and blessed lady.  To these old boyfriends, (who are both named Matt) I thank you, I have nothing but happy memories from our time together.)

I’m bringing this up because I spent this past weekend with my baby brother and I was overwhelmed with the reality that my baby girl, and all my nieces, are also going to be blessed with adoration from the men in their lives.

I know that T-bone, (a.k.a. Stephen) is showering these ladies with love and cuddles simply because he loves them, and that he wants to be around them out of the goodness of his heart.  But, I am so incredibly thankful.

The good that this uncle’s love is doing for these girls CANNOT be over stated.  A simple statistics search overwhelming proves that having attentive and active male figures in childhood has a long-lasting and incredible impact on the success and happiness of a child.

My Little-Love is already EXTREMELY blessed with a wonderful father.  Like I said before, I knew from a young age what I deserved in the love area, and I did not settle in anyway.  I married a good man, and he is an AMAZING father.

And, like me, my girl is also blessed with uncles, and grandfathers that are also showering her with adoration and displaying tangibly how cherished and important she is in this life — and that can only have a positive impact on her life and her choices.

I am INCREDIBLY grateful.

So, this is a love letter to the men in my Little-love’s life.

To her grandpa’s:

Her uncles,

Her dad:

Her cousins, her brother:

I thank you all, I know from experience just how important your love is, and just how beautiful you are helping make her life.

I love and thank you all!!

These are some very blessed ladies.

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2 Responses to oh, these lucky, lucky girls. My love letter to good men…

  1. Kim says:

    🙂 Love this. I’m also the grateful benefactor of so many wonderful, healthy relationships with men. You’re right, it’s so important and one of the loveliest things in my life!

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