Recital weekend…

Last night was Little-Love’s ballet recital.  Which meant dress rehearsals and lots of sparkles.

This is how she poses for mommy,

and this:

is how she poses for daddy.  No more grumpy face.

Watching my little girl on stage is ADORABLE!! She’s definitely not the most aware in her class, she mostly smiled and waved a lot.

I’m just grateful she doesn’t cry.  I think I was a crier when I was her age…

Awe who am I kidding, I’m still a crier.

There was a surprise added bonus last night.  Not only did I get to watch my darling girl up on stage, but I also got to visit with my cousins, aunt and uncle.  I had no idea that my cousin’s daughter was in the same dance program, or that his sister, (my other cousin) was in town.  Yay-hooray!

All of us have daughters and all of our daughters are around the same age.  They were so cute together.

Oh my goodness, totally adorable right??

It was a good night.

AND, today is all about my Cyclone, his hip-hop group is performing tonight and tomorrow.

You wanna talk about cute?

You should see my 5 year old do the worm.

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