“The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our friends are visiting for a few days, YAY-HOORAY!!

I LOVE me some visits.

One of the things that Adam and I are really hoping to make a priority in this new home is hospitality.

Our last house didn’t really have room for a lot of visitors.  We didn’t feel comfortable inviting people over for meals, or having over-night guests.  So, during our search for a new home, having space for others was definitely on our lists of must haves.

This is one reason why we are having our kids share a room.  We want to entertain, we want to host parties, we want to share our space with friends.

Because of this desire, my ever-clever husband has been canvassing craigs-list for cruisers.

Now we have enough bikes for everyone to ride around town together.  And, just in time too.  Our friends got in yesterday evening and we immediately put them on a bike and rode downtown to play in the fountains and grab some dinner.

We are beyond blessed.

I’m so grateful that we can finally invite over our friends.

(Although they did have to sleep on an air mattress, one thing at a time…first bikes, then beds.)

I’ve so missed being a hostess!!

Yippee, yay-hooray!!

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