Well, stick a fork in me and call me “June Clever”.

Today was intensely awesome in the most wholesome and darling of ways.

It should have all happened in black and white.  With some sort of whistling theme music…

It started in the usual way, with coffee and breakfast.  Which quickly lead to skipping rocks at the lake:

Lunch at a mom and pop:

Naps and chores—all of which seems quaint, but relatively normal.

This is when things took a turn for the nostalgic.

After dinner a friend and I rode our bikes to the store to get ice-cream.  When we arrived back at home all our kids were in the backyard, covered in finger paint and mud, running through the sprinklers.

PLUS! Our new neighbor was also there, and her daughter, and her DOGS! (Ugh, the adorableness.)

Oh, you think that’s sweet?

Wait until you here this…

wait for it…

Our neighbor was there because she had stopped by to bring us lettuce from her yard. 



AND THEN, our husband’s rode their bikes to the local brewery to fill our growler while the ladies gave our babies baths and then shared the ice-cream before reading some books and heading to bed.

I mean… just the most wholesome adorable day ever.

Stick a fork in me and call me “June Clever”.

I’m done.

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