We have had a GREAT few days…

But, even when the days are fun, there is still a need for a little R-and-R.

The husband was supposed to take the boy on a little father-son rafting/camping trip–BUT, the river is super high and running a little too fast for the boys.  The daddy’s are still going, but we are keeping the trip a bit shorter and our sons safe at home with the over-protective mama’s.

So, with my main-squeeze off being a man, and no out of town guest in my home, I’m calling it a lazy day.

I’m sitting with a cup of coffee, watching old episodes of HGTV remodels (and crying over the reveals), while my babies play dress up, ride their bikes and give me a bit of space and sanity.

It’s a good day.

Made even better when I woke up to find this waiting in my refrigerator:

Started my lazy day feeling loved.

My wonderful man…

My beautiful life…

Just taking a moment to enjoy the calm, peaceful tranquility of a lazy Wednesday morning.

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